Tennis Betting Tips

Total Tennis Trader is a trading/betting service that has eight different Tennis trading strategies. It is based on trading Tennis on the Betfair Betting Exchange.

When you open your Betfair account with the above link, it will be with the Sportsbook. You will need the Betting Exchange to use the Total Tennis Trader systems, but don’t worry as one Betfair login covers all the platforms, so the login you create opening your account, will also work for the Betting Exchange, Casino, Poker Room, etc, etc.

Doing it this way also gets you £30.00 in free bets, so it is a win win situation!! Anyway, back to the Tennis Trading systems, and now you have your Betfair account, you are ready to go.


In total there are 8 Tennis Trading Strategies with the Total Tennis Trader service, and you can get the 8 different trading strategies for a one off payment of £77.00 (GBP), which converts to either $92.40 (USD) or €91.00 (EUR) depending on your chosen currency.

This isn’t a lot when you consider you are getting 8 different systems, and when you consider that Tennis is played for roughly 11 months of the year, giving you nearly all year round opportunities to implement these systems.

There are four Grand Slam events every year. The Australian Open is first in January, then the French Open played at the end of May to start of June. We then have Wimbledon towards the end of June/start of July, and finally the US Open played in September. Individually the four Grand Slams last for two weeks each, meaning the they alone occupy two months of every year, imagine how much gets traded/gambled in those two months alone!

Then on top of that for the men there is the Davis Cup, the ATP Tour finals every November, and there are also over 60 ATP events on the men’s tour alone starting in January, including all the prestigious Master 1000 events.

The women’s tour sees the Fed Cup, the WTA tour which has over 50 events on it between January and October. So as you can see there is a lot of Tennis played around the world.

On all of these tournaments there is outright winner betting, individual match winner betting, and within every individual match on both the tours there is next game betting, next set betting, etc, etc, it just goes on and on.

It’s easy to forget just how much Tennis is played, and subsequently just how much money is gambled and/or traded on every single match. Imagine getting just a fraction of that.

Well, Total Trading Tennis will show you how it is possible to grab a piece of this action. By giving you access to The Kiss Method, Fifty Fifty Method, The Flip Reverse, Point Break Method, The Yo Yo Method, Two Point Method, The Double Back Strategy and finally the Cash Cow method, you will have a chance to syphon off some of that money for yourself.

Remember, there is that much tennis played all year round, that you only need to make a few quid every time you trade to be in profit. There is no need to be greedy, just find out which of the 8 strategies suit you, and make money using the system time and time again.