Ryder Cup Betting Odds

The Ryder Cup is a biannual golf competition between Europe and the United States of America. The hosting of the tournament alternates between Europe and the USA, with the 2018 cup being held in Europe, and the 2020 competition taking place in the USA, and so on. The 2016 Ryder Cup was held at the Hazeltine National Golf Club, Minnesota, which the USA won convincingly.

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The Ryder Cup takes place across three days, starting on a Friday, and finishing on the Sunday. Coverage in the UK is live on Sky Sports.

Ryder Cup Betting

There are various different bets you can place on the Ryder Cup. There is Live Ryder Cup Betting, as well as betting on winning the Ryder Cup outright, to retain the Ryder Cup, top individual overall points scorer, top individual Europe points scorer, top individual USA points scorer, Day 1 Fourballs betting, Day 1 Foursomes betting, Day 2 Fourballs betting, Day 2 Foursomes betting, To win Day 3 singles betting, etc.

In addition to team bets, there will be individual match betting, player head to head bets, and hole in one betting. There is no limit to the amount of different markets that will be available to bet on over the weekend of action.

To Lift The Ryder Cup Trophy Betting

To lift the Ryder Cup betting, is a bet on a team winning the tournament outright, and is not to be confused with retaining the Ryder Cup betting (which the holders can do by drawing).

As the Ryder Cup is contested over 24 points, it is possible to draw 14-14. In such a well matched competitive tournament, a 14 each draw is a strong possibility. In the event of a 14-14 draw, the current holders of the Trophy will retain it for a further two years.

So in order for a To Lift The Ryder Cup Trophy bet to win, you would need the current holders to get a minimum of 14 points. Or you would need the team looking or you would need the team challenging team (USA) to get a minimum of 14 and a 1/2 points.

Ryder Cup Format

The Ryder Cup format sees two teams of 12 players competing over the 3 days. Day 1 (Friday morning) starts with four fourballs matches, with four foresomes matches on Friday afternoon, with the same format repeated on Saturday.

Finally on Sunday, all 12 players compete in head-to-head single matches, bringing the competition to its conclusion.

There is a total of 28 points to play for, they break down into 8 points in the fourballs, 8 in the foursomes, and 12 in the singles.

1 point is awarded for a win, half a point each for a drawn match, and no points for a defeat. Whoever wins the most points, win the Ryder Cup. In the event of a 14-14 draw, the current holder retains the Ryder Cup.

Europe are the current holders, so in order for the USA to win the Ryder Cup, they would need to get at least 14.5 points to win the cup outright. Whereas Europe only need 14 points to retain the trophy.

About The Ryder Cup

The Ryder Cup is a biennial competition played between the United States of America and Europe. It alternates from one side of the Atlantic to the other, the 2016 competition is in the USA, with the 2018 Ryder Cup being played in Europe, and so on.

The competition originally started back in 1927, and was the brainchild of English businessman Samuel Ryder. The competition started off as USA V Great Britain, but such was the American’s dominance in the 60s and 70s, Ireland joined forces with the GB team in the 1973 Ryder Cup, in an attempt to make it a more competitive event.

That didn’t really work as the Americans won the next three Ryder Cups (1973, 1975, and 1977), which prompted the introduction of the European team in 1979, and that is the format we still see used today.