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I’ve been on numerous gaming websites over the years that tell you they can make you hundreds of pounds using bookmakers free bets etc, and I have no doubt that they do so. There is though, one method of getting our hands on free money that I’ve never seen on any of these gaming websites before, and that method is by using Cash Back Sites.

Cash Back Sites are something I have only stumbled across over the past 18 months or so, but by the looks of things people have been cashing in on their offers for a few years now.

Basically these sites give you money just for opening bookmakers accounts and meeting certain qualifying criteria. This criteria is easily obtained, it is generally depositing a modest amount (say £20-£40) and gambling it once – and for doing this, the Cash Back Sites will reward you with payments of between £10 and £20, it couldn’t be easier.

The two sites I have used over the past few months is Top Cash Back and Quidco. In general both of these sites use the same bookmakers with similar cash back amounts, with the exception of the odd different bookie and amount of cash back here or there.

Top Cash Back is my preference of the two, mainly because I find the site more easy to navigate, and because it is free to join. Quidco costs £5, but you don’t pay that until you start earning cash backs, so in theory it doesn’t actually cost you any hard earned cash.

There is though a real jewel in the crown with using Cash Backs Sites – and that is because in the case of some bookmakers you can claim these cash back offers and also claim the bookmaker’s free bets – it’s a win win situation.

At the moment with Top Cash Back you can get a £20 cash back for joining Ladbrokes, along with a £50 free bet. You can also get a £20 cash back for joining Coral, along with a £30 free bet. It really is money for old rope.

n the case of Ladbrokes you need to deposit and gamble £20 to qualify for the cash back – you would be staking £50 anyway to qualify for the maximum free bet amount. In the case of Coral, it is £25 for the cash back, but again, you would be staking £30 for the maximum free bet.


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