Bonus Bagging Review

The cost of the Bonus Bagging subscription service is £27, not a lot of money compared to what trading/betting services can cost these days.

Bonus Bagging is brought to you by Mike Cruickshank, who has a strong online reputation, and is sold on the Clickbank platform. Both Mike Cruickshank and Clickbank have been operating on the net for some time, which is good for confidence if you are considering purchasing.

I’ve been a member of the Bonus Bagging service since 2011 and I’ve found the bookmakers offers to be the best aspect of the whole service. To be totally I’ve only really looked at the bookmaker’s free bet offers so far, which appears to be only the tip of the iceberg.

Of the bookmakers accounts included in the Bonus Bagging service, most are available through the Cash Back sites which I would use to sign up with instead, – given the amounts of risk free cash that can be earned using this method.

The Bonus Bagging service also walks you through the process of making money from refund offers, the example given is taken from 0-0 refunds for bets placed in Correct Score markets. There is also a section that finds arbs – this is when the odds are better on the bookmakers sites that the exchanges, allowing you to back it with the bookies and lay the bet on the exchanges for risk free cash.

But the bit of this service that I really like and have found most useful so far is when they alert you to a refund offer. Theses offers pop up from time to time, but unless you have your ear to the ground you can miss them.

An example of this came at the start of February with the £50 Free Bet offer in the Liverpool V Tottenham match. I got an email over the weekend prior to the match (it was played on the Monday night) alerting me to this offer, without this email there is every chance I would have missed this offer.

As a result of this I had time to prepare to make sure I got the right bets matched and I earned a risk free £25 from this offer, all but paying for the (one off) £27 Bonus Bagging subscription payment in one go.

If you think Bonus Bagging looks good, then you will love Profit Maximiser. This is the latest product brought to you by Mike Cruickshank, and although it is more expensive (£97.00 + Vat), it is more than worth the money.

As a member of both Mike’s services, I have the experience of using both the products. Although Bonus Bagging is cheap, if you are looking to buy just one service, I would put the Bonus Bagging money towards purchasing Profit Maximiser.

Profit Maximiser is much bigger and better. It has far more offers, and is far better value. There are more than enough pre-loaded free bets and casino offers to get you your subscription money back in less than 2 weeks (along with a lot more risk free money), and when you have finished working your way through that – there is just the 80+ Bingo sign up offers to claim.

Have a look at Profit Maximiser in more detail here….

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