Betfair Free Bets For Existing Customers

Like with all bookmakers these days, Betfair have to provide plenty of offers and free bets for existing customers. To start with, if you haven’t already got a Betfair account, you can open one via the link directly below.

We have a dedicated page giving more information about Betfair’s new customer free bet, but essentially it is a Bet £10.00, and get £30.00 in free bets. These free bets are broken down into 3 free bets at £10.00 each.

Betfair offer free bets to existing customers on a number of different sports. Generally, what they do is offer an enhancement on an event, or money back on an event, if a certain trigger point happens. Then Betfair will pay the enhancement, or give the money back, in the form of a free bet.

Betfair Football Free Bets For Existing Customers

So for example with an enhancement free bet in football betting, if you back a player to be the First Goalscorer in a Premier League match, and he scores the first goal, and it’s with a header, Betfair will pay you double the odds.

If the odds on that player were 5/1 to score first, and you had a tenner on him, the breakdown of your winnings would be like this.

You would get paid out at 5/1 in cash, so you would get £60.00 back (£10.00 stake money + £50.00 winnings @ 5/1). You would then also get £50.00 in free bets, which is the double odds enhancement part of the payout (as your bet won with a header).

Betfair Horse Racing Free Bets For Existing Customers

An example of getting a money back special free bet is probably best described on horse racing. At times Betfair may offer money back as a free bet if your horse falls in a particular race, or your horse finishes second in a particular race.

There have also been times when Betfair offered free bets to existing customers if they backed a horse to win at odds of 3/1 or greater, and it won.

There are plenty of offers from Betfair like this. They vary from week to week, and on sport to sport. They may also offer free bets as part of an enhanced odds offer on a player to score the first Try in Rugby, or the first Touchdown scorer in American Football, or Top Run Scorer in Cricket, etc, etc. You need to keep checking the Betfair Promotions page for the latest offers.

As I eluded too at the top of the page, most bookmakers have to provide plenty of promotions and free bets for existing customers these days. If they don’t, customers will simply vote with their feet and go elsewhere to place there bets.