Bet For Free

To say I want to bet for free sounds a bit far fetched, but as long as you don’t want to bet with thousands and thousands of pounds (to start with), I believe it is possible.

Using the free bets we get from online bookmakers, it is possible to make money from matched betting which we can then either keep, or use to bet for free with.

To go into more detail, for every £1.00 available in free bets it is possible to easily earn a minimum of 60p (you should make more really, but let’s call it 60p for new starters). So if we multiply that by 100…. for every £100.00 worth of free matched bets available, you should be making at least £60.00….. And the good news is there is hundreds and hundreds of pounds worth of free bets available.

It is possible to make a few hundred quid right now just from cashing in the free matched bets on this site using matched betting. And if/when you’ve worked your way through all of those bookies, then don’t worry as there are plenty more out there.

On top of that, there are plenty of online bookmakers you (probably) already have an account with who offer regular free bets for existing customers. Bet365 (£200 Sign Up Bonus) are good for this. Every now and again (2 to 3 months) Bet365 offer existing customers a £50.00 free bet on a big football match. This enables us to keep topping our accounts up with risk free money.

So what do we do with all this money we are earning from matched betting?

I see two options. We can bank the money we have earned and class it as betting winnings. Or we can just use that money for our own betting, to have a bet for free!

Either way the worst case scenario is that we break even. If we have earned money from the free bets and then lose it having a bet, we are still breaking even.

What I try and do is use the money to gradually accumulate. If I make £30.00 from a £50.00 free bet offer, I don’t just go and stick it on a 10/1 shot horse and lose it. I follow a strict betting plan and try and build my betting bank up by trading the money on Betfair. I also just keep topping up my account with all the new offers I find.

When you are cashing in free bets, bank management is also very important. Try and use a separate bank account for your betting. Treat the total in your bank account as the amount of money you have to bet for free with, not what’s in an individual bookmakers’ accounts.

Done correctly you can make serious money using this method, and the best bit is, it is without risking your own cash.

Free bets are free money. Try looking at them as a way to make money, as opposed to just a throw away bet that you are not bothered about if it loses. If you do treat free bets as free money and cash them in properly, you will soon notice that over time the amounts add up.

Some people earn a living from free bets such as Mick Cruickshank (the man behind Profit Maximiser). Some people use the money as a second income, or to go on a nice holiday every year. It’s really up to the individual, and how much work you intend to put into it.

The aim of this website is to highlight these offers and show you how to make the most of these opportunities.

Online Free Bets

Most bookmakers offer online free bets or welcome bonuses to new customers. Here at Betfree247 we have a selection of free bets from reputable online bookmakers, just waiting to be claimed.

At the moment there are hundreds of pounds of online free bets out there. Simply click on the bookmakers link and open a new account, in order to claim the free bet offer.

The majority of the bookmakers offering free bets on this website are UK and Irish household names. They are reputable, and tried and tested. We’re extremely confident that they offer the best online free bets currently available, and that you can be sure you are betting with a trusted source.

Don’t forget gambling can be risky. Be sure to read the terms and conditions, and ensure that you fully understand what you are doing before parting with any cash.

You have to be 18+ to use this website. Also, please Be Gamble Aware, and if betting is becoming a problem, make sure you get professional help.