No Hung Parliament drifts to 1/5 as Labour close gap in opinion polls

It did look a foregone conclusion, but the last couple of weeks has seen a change in the opinion polls, with Labour cutting the pre election huge gap to the Tory Party, and as a result of this, Hung Parliament Betting has now changed.

No Hung Parliament has now drifted out to 1/5, as punters seemingly are expecting Jeremy Corbyn to poll a lot better than previously expected. There is also talk of a Lib Dem renaissance, which could also potentially take seats of the Tory Party.

General Election Betting Offers

Yes to a Hung Parliament has now been backed in to just 3/1, which was unthinkable a few weeks ago.

The Conservative Party as still odds on favourites to win the election, they are 1/4 to win an overall majority in next government betting, and are also 10/1 to form a minority government in the same market.

In Prime Minister After The General Election betting, Theresa May is still very short at a best price of 2/9, with Jeremy Corbyn at 9/2.

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