Latest EU Referendum Odds

The EU Referendum is being held on Thursday 23rd June, and we have a great new customers offer from Ladbrokes below, this offer is live until 2pm, on Thursday.

3/1 Remain or 8/1 Leave in EU Referendum – New Ladbrokes Customers

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3/1 on Remain or 8/1 on Leave, new Ladbrokes customers. Offer ends 2pm, 23rd June.

June is an interesting month betting wise, with not only the referendum, but Wimbledon starts, and we also have Euro 2016. Out dedicated Euro 2016 New Customer Offers page has all the latest sign up offers. If you are interested in betting on the outcomeo f the EU Referendum, then we have some direct links to live betting below………

To stay in the EU has long been the favourite in the betting, but there has been a slight drift towards leave over the month of May. Opinion Polls still show that a vote to stay is the most likely outcome, but the pollsters didn’t cover themselves in glory ahead of the 2015 British General Election, so whether you trust them or not, is up to you.

About The EU Referendum

The EU Referendum is too decide whether or not the UK stays in the European Union, and is being held on Thursday 23rd June.

The question on the ballet paper is “Should the United Kingdom remain a member of the European Union or leave the European Union?”

You will have two outcomes then to choose from. They are….

  • Remain a member of the European Union
  • Leave the European Union

There is a leave campaign, and a stay campaign. Shall we politely say, there has been a lot of muddying the waters and spin from both sides of the debate. For (what I believe to be) an impartial view and a questions and answers guide, I have provided a link to a piece on the BBC website.

No doubt some anti BBC people will claim it to be impartial, but like the choice on the 23rd June, there is no real right or wrong answer, it’s a choice of how you feel.

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