Nigel Farage Favourite to win Leaders Debate

The already much debated seven way leaders debate finally takes place on ITV1 tonight (2nd April, starting at 8pm). It is presented by newscaster Julie Etchingham, the debate will then run for two hours – during which time we will all find out exactly what the future holds for us with seven politicians all giving us honest and full answers (I should have wrote that last line yesterday morning)!!!

The seven leaders and their parties taking part tonight are Natalie Bennett (Green), Nick Clegg (Liberal Democrat), Nigel Farage (Ukip), Ed Miliband (Labour), Leanne Wood (Plaid Cymru), Nicola Sturgeon (SNP), and David Cameron (Conservative). The leaders will appear on screen in the above order from left to right.

Believe it or not, but there is actually betting on who will win the leaders debate, with Nigel Farage the current bookies favourite.

So How Do You Win ITV Leaders Debate?

In terms of establishing a winner for betting purposes, the winner of the bet will be whichever leader comes out on top in a post-debate YouGov Poll. So just to be clear, if you are betting on the leaders debate, be aware that you are actually betting on whoever you think the public will vote for as winner of the YouGov Poll.

Who Is Favourite To Win ITV Leaders Debate?

As I already eluded too, Nigel Farage is the current favourite to win the poll on the debate. He is currently a best price of 7/4 with Winner and Titanbet. Farage has little to lose and will most probably hammer David Cameron at every opportunity on his failed immigration targets, an argument that David Cameron can never win.

In political terms David Cameron probably has the most to lose, because if he fails badly tonight, it could cost him his job as Prime Minister when the UK goes to the polls on 7th May. If you think he can – somehow manage to – keep his cool and do the business and turn the tables on Farage, or give Ed Miliband a massive kicking, then Cameron can be backed at a best price of 7/2 with Coral (£20.00 Free Bet Here).

Moving onto the much maligned Ed Miliband, and he is coming in as third favourite. He will have plenty of people focusing their attentions on him with the SNP, Greens, and maybe even Plaid Cymru, looking to attack him, along with Cameron, Clegg, and Farage.

In a funny kind of way, tonight could be a make or break for Miliband, because if he manages to see them all off and comes out of this looking like a true leader and a real Prime Minister in waiting (no pressure there then), he has a hell of a lot to gain. Miliband is a best price of 4/1 with bet365 to win the debate.

Any finally onto Nick Clegg. Anyone who watched the three-way leaders debate between Nick Clegg, Gordon Brown and David Cameron five years ago, might recall that Nick Clegg did rather well. Who remembers the continually used ‘I agree with Nick’ line?

A proven track record in these debates with Clegg, if you think a repeat of that will happen tonight, and Clegg can resurrect himself and rise from the flames, then he can be backed at a best price of 12/1 with bet365 (anybody opening a bet365 account here can get a massive £200.00 Welcome Bonus) to win the leaders debate.

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