Latest Scottish Referendum Odds

Today is the day, and with less than 10 hours to go until the polls close, the Scottish Independence Referendum is under way.

So far there appears to have been no change in the betting, with ‘No’ to independence still at a relatively short 1/5 with bet365, while the ‘Yes’ to independence vote is a best price of 4/1 with Sportingbet.

Some layers go as short as 1/6 on ‘No’ to independence, while some are as short as 10/3 on ‘Yes’ to independence. For me, I can’t see what has changed. It still looks too close to call, and I can’t see any obvious reason for such a huge gap in the odds.

I don’t know if punters who are backing ‘No’ are doing so in the faith that ‘No’ voters have remained silent throughout the past few weeks, as most of the pictures we have seen on our televisions have been positive ‘Yes’ campaign clips.

If you are to bet on what has been seen and heard, you would have to bet ‘Yes’ as it is mainly all that’s been seen on TV. I’m not for a minute suggesting bias, just that Alex Salmond seems to be regarded as the story by the media.

Only the arrival of Gordon Brown on the scene seems to have got publicity for the ‘No’ campaign – and obviously the belated arrivals of Cameron, Clegg and Miliband – which begs the question, just what has Alastair Darling been doing?

Betfair’s betting exchange is showing ‘No’ at 1.20 (1/5), which isn’t really giving any opportunity for a trade, or an arb with a bookie. So as it stands, there is little really happening in the betting at the moment.

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