Europe Odds To Retain The Ryder Cup

As you may well be aware, there is a subtle difference between Europe winning the Ryder Cup, and Europe retaining the Ryder Cup, which makes a massive difference when it comes to Ryder Cup Betting. So for the benefit of those who are new to this and a bit unsure, I will explain.

28 points are played for in the Ryder Cup, which gives us the option of a 14-14 draw. In the event of a draw, the team who already holds the Ryder Cup – currently Europe – retains the Ryder Cup.

This would mean if the Ryder Cup finishes 14-14, Europe would retain it (although they haven’t won it).

What this would mean in betting terms, is that if you have backed Europe to win the Ryder Cup, your bet will have lost.

Alternatively, if Europe get 14.5 points or more, then Europe will have won the Ryder Cup. So if you have backed Europe to win the Ryder Cup, your bet will have won.

There is basically two win markets on the Ryder Cup. There is the Ryder Cup Winner market, which is a three horse race, win-draw-win. This is the market to win the match, so you could have Europe to win (get 14.5 or more points), a 14-14 draw, or USA to win (get 14.5 or more points).

And then there is the To Lift The Trophy market, which is a two horse race. Either Europe lift the trophy, or the USA do. Europe only need 14 points to lift the trophy, because as defending champions, they can draw to keep the trophy.

While USA need 14.5 points or more to lift the trophy, as they don’t have the draw on their side.

So be careful with the wording when you are placing a bet on Europe, because you may not be backing what you thing you are.

Ryder Cup Winner Betting

  • The best price on Europe to win the Ryder Cup outright is 3/4 with Betfair
  • The Draw can be backed at 11/1 with Paddy Power
  • USA are a best price of 7/4 with bet365 (£200 Welcome Bonus)

To Lift The Trophy Betting

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