Bookies slash ‘Yes’ odds in Scottish Independence Referendum Betting

The release of a YouGov poll earlier this week showing a closing in the gap between ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ voters in the Scottish Independence debate has seen a huge surge in bets on a ‘Yes’ vote on the betting exchanges over the past few days.

Earlier in the week a ‘Majority No Vote’ traded at above 1.30 based on the YouGov poll, but that surge has now receded somewhat and the market has since rebalanced itself, with ‘No’ now trading at around 1.26 to back, and 1.27 to lay.

The online bookmakers are pretty much all in tandem with their prices (as usual), with a ‘Yes’ to Scottish Independence at around 11/4 to 5/2 – having been 5/1 a couple of weeks back. While a ‘No’ vote is now being priced up at 1/4 to 2/7 with the majority of layers, having been as short as 1/7 two weeks back.

Bookmakers Offering Scottish Independence Odds Of 2/7 On A No Vote Are……

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