Betfair NFL Price Enhancements

Seattle beat Green Bay in the season opener on Thursday, and continuing on from there, today sees the first major weekend of fixtures in this season’s NFL.

To mark this weekend, on the 3 live fixtures (2 on Sky Sports and 1 on Channel 4) Betfair have a choice of 3 price enhancements for anybody looking to open a new account to choose from.

The 3 price enhancements from Betfair are…….

New England Patriots at Miami Dolphins – 6.00pm (UK Time) Live on Sky Sports

4/1 on the Patriots to beat the Miami Dolphins

San Francisco 49ers AT Dallas Cowboys – 9.25pm (UK Time) Live on Sky Sports

5/1 on the 49ers to beat Dallas

Indianapolis Colts at Denver Broncos 1.30am (UK Time) Live on Channel 4

4/1 on Denver to beat the Colts

You can only choose ONE of these offers to open your account with, and the maximum bet at the enhanced price is £10.00. And please remember this is a Betfair Sportsbook offer, not the Betting Exchange.

To claim the enhanced price you will need to click on the relevant link (above) for the offer you want. Once you have opened your account you will then need to place £10.00 on your selection in the MONEYLINE RESULT market at the current price.

If your selection wins you will get paid out on your tenner at the current market price immediately, with the remainder of your price enhancement (the 4/1 or 5/1 offer) paid up within 24 hours in the form of free bets.

It is possible to ‘not lose’ on which ever of the offers you choose to open your account with, to do this you will need a Betdaq account (which you can open here if you haven’t already got one).

Let’s use the New England Patriots offer as an example. To get the offer you place your £10.00 on New England at 40/85 (current Betfair price), which stands to win you £4.70 in cash and £35.30 in free bets. You then lay the New England Patriots on Betdaq for £10.00, you should get matched at about 1.5.

This means if New England don’t win, you will lose £10.00 on Betfair, but win £10.00 on Betdaq – breaking even.

While if New England win, you lose £5.00 on Betdaq, win £4.70 on Betfair and also get around £35.00 in free bets, meaning a no lose situation.

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