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Week 9 of the Premier League darts road show comes from Brighton, and on the night being billed (or over hyped) as ‘Judgement Night’ two players from four will be relegated out of the competition, cutting the field from ten to eight.

Quite where two of Adrian Lewis, Simon Whitlock, Wes Newton or Gary Anderson will be relegated too is anybodies guess, as I’m not sure that Barry Hearn has started a darting version of the Championship yet. I get the feeling that along with ‘Judgement Night,’ being ‘Relegated’ sounds a touch more dramatic.

So which two players are most likely to get kicked out of the Premier League on Thursday? Not Adrian Lewis for me, way too much has to happen with the other matches, and that’s only if Lewis loses against Barney. Lewis is also unbeaten in his last four PL matches now, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see him pull another performance out of the hat when/if he needs too.

Simon Whitlock is a man in trouble for me, for two reasons. First, I can’t see him getting anything of van Gerwen. And second, I have a sneaky feeling Wes Newton could get something in his match against Andy Hamilton. Although I’m reluctant to ever write off Whitlock (it’s like writing off the Germans for me), I just think he looks doomed. I am though, prepared to have egg all over my face if Whitlock does what I know he is well capable off.

As I have already stated, I can see Wes Newton getting something against Andy Hamilton. Newton was dead and buried last week against Gary Anderson and lived to survive another day. He also won the European Darts Trophy last weekend, so is now all of a sudden carrying some form. It’s got that feel of one of those ridiculous great escapes about it for me.

As for Gary Anderson, he is done for. The same old problem is back for Anderson, and he threw away his Premier League participation last week for me, when he chucked away the match against Newton. Anderson has to win just to have a chance.

Don’t get me wrong, he is capable of hammering James Wade on Thursday, but he is equally capable of getting hammered. On present form you would have to go with the latter of those two equations, personally I just wouldn’t go near an Anderson match with a betting slip at the moment.

 I think that Gary Anderson and Simon Whitlock will be the two to get Relegated on Judgement Night!. Or as I would describe it, get eliminated on week 9.

Week 9 fixtures and Premier League Darts Betting odds…

Gary Anderson 5/2 – Draw 4/1 – James Wade 10/11
Phil Taylor 8/15 – Draw 5/1 – Robert Thornton 4/1
Wes Newton 15/8 – Draw 7/2 – Andy Hamilton 6/5
Adrian Lewis 13/8 – Draw 15/4 – Raymond van Barneveld 11/10
Michael van Gerwen 8/15 – Draw 9/2 – Simon Whitlock 4/1

Looking at the matches from a darts betting perspective. And of the outsiders, I would have to think that Robert Thornton is a far better 4/1 shot, than Simon Whitlock is. Thornton can beat Taylor, who hasn’t always been at his best in this competition this year for me.

At times Taylor has looked distracted and a bit shoddy, two descriptions I wouldn’t normally use to describe Phil Taylor’s darts. Michael van Gerwen has gone slightly off the boil a little bit lately as well, but I still think he will be too strong for Whitlock.

As I already said, I think Wes Newton can get something off Andy Hamilton. I wouldn’t like to call Barney V Lewis, but at a push I would take Lewis, and I can’t back Gary Anderson with anybodies money.

Maybe a small wager on a value roll up made up of a draw between Newton and Hamilton, and Lewis, Thornton and van Gerwen to win at odds of around 89/1. A long shot I know, but why not, it is a bet for free after all (with money made from matched betting).

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