Real Madrid cost me again!

As I’m sure you can tell from the blog title, I didn’t have the greatest weekends gambling this week, although in hindsight it could have been a lot worse, so maybe it was a good weekend after all.

After losing a few quid conducting a draw laying, with cover, experiment on the Man Utd V Chelsea game, I got into the Saturday afternoon fixtures.

Got stuck into Arsenal after half an hour, as they were still 0-0. Was on over 2.5 goals, then got on over 1.5 as cover and also laid 0-0 in the last 10 mins to cover the lot. As you well know Nicklas Bendtner scored a 90+ mins goal, which got me off the hook, so was very releaved.

Then, while still breathing a sigh of relief I heard Phil Thompson shouting that Arsenal had a breakaway attack and that Samir Nasri had blown a great chance, a great chance that is, for my over 1.5 goals bet to come in and turn it into a great winner.

Anyway, after that I needed a late goal to get me off the hook in the Cardiff V Swansea match as well, so was lucky in both those games.

Ended Saturday in profit after backing Barcelona on ‘Any Unquoted Score’ on Betfair, layed off at 3-0, and as is usually the case when you go by the book, the 4th goal went in about 5 minutes later.

Got it totally wrong on Real Madrid on Sunday, my big loss of the weekend. Went in big on ‘Any Unqoted’, then had cover on ‘Over 2.5 goals’. Was looking good when Higuain made it 2-0 in 76th minute.

Just needed one more quick goal for my cover bet to come in, and to also hopefully be able to try and cover, some, if not all of my ‘Any Unquoted’ bet. Guti hit the bar and then Ronaldo missed a sitter from 5 yards out, I wasn’t impressed.

Cost me about £20, but it was probably some justice for all my lucky breaks on Saturday’s games. Clawed back a fiver on the Athletic Madrid V Deportivo game with ‘over 2.5’ goals bet, and stood to win a few more quid if Athletic had got the 4th, as had ‘Any Unqouted’, before laying it off for a risk free bet.

All in all, it could have been better, but it could also have been a lot worse. Very frustrating though. One thing I did get right this weekend though, was I stayed well away from Scottish football, although I did lose on Rangers on Tuesday night.

Whilst on Twitter on Saturday, I noticed that ‘Boatrace’ and ‘Clare Balding’ where in the trending topics, I couldn’t help but think that this was quite ironic, given Balding’s boatrace. Wonder if she might expose this years winning Grand National jockey to any personal defects that he might have? We shall have to wait and see on that front.

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