GB appoint Leon Smith

Congratulations and good luck to Leon Smith, who today was confirmed as the man with the unenviable task of being the new captain of the Great Britain Davis Cup team.

Why Leon Smith ahead of the likes of Greg Rusedski you might ask? Well, I’m not too sure.

Could it be the fact that Smith used to coach Andy Murray, and knows him well, whereas Murray is known to not be too keen on Rusedski?

Maybe some shrewdy at the LTA realised this and thought Smith has more chance of getting Murray to play in the big clashes against the likes of Turkey and Lithuania.

Can’t think of any good reason why Murray might wish to skip such mouth watering ties as these when he could be wasting his time preparing for a Grand Slam.

Smith has also become the head of men’s tennis at the Lawn Tennis Association, or to give it, it’s proper title, Roger Draper’s scapegoat.

Best of luck, Leon.

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