No luck for Hamilton

What a weekend for Lewis Hamilton, I would imagine he can’t get away from Australia quick enough after the events of the last three days.

First he gets caught doing a burnout in his road car on Friday night and suffers the humiliation of having his car impounded, he must have felt a right idiot in the paddock on Saturday morning.

Worse than that was the two goons trying to stop the Aussie camera crew filming Hamilton in the back of the police car, how stupid did they look? Nearly as stupid as Hamilton did.

I don’t doubt for a minute that Hamilton is the only driver to do this on public highways, but he should try not to do it right in front of the cops. Maybe he should stick to the Stevenage ‘Morrisons’ car park (or the Swiss equivalent) at night, with all the other boy racers.

To compound his misfortune he then struggled to only 11th on the grid. Then when the race started he drove brilliantly, working his way through the field to 3rd place and pushing for 2nd, that was until his team called him in for a tactical tyre change.

The tyre change set Hamilton back further but he held onto 5th place before Mark Webber crashed into him and sent him spinning into the gravel, fortunately Hamilton recoved to come in 6th, but without the balls-up and the crash he probably would have come in 2nd or 3rd..

All-in-all, Hamilton started the weekend stupidly, was average in qualifying, drove well in the race but was shafted by, first, his team, and then by Mark Webber.

I bet he can’t wait for next year.

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