Bloody Ibrahimovic!

After backing Barcelona to score 4 goals (any unquoted score) on Betfair, I was subjected to a period of pulling my hair out at the sight of this €60 Million so-called goal scorer missing chance after chance against Real Zaragoza on Sunday night, including an unbelievable open goal.

Thank God for Lionel Messi, who almost single handedly won me my bet with a hat-trick and winning a penalty. With Zaragoza coming back to 2-3 in the last couple of minutes though the game was still alive, for this reason you can imagine my horror at the sight of Zlatan Ibrahimovic being given the ball to take the 90th minute penalty won by Messi.

Thankfully he scored but not without giving me another stress attack, I couldn’t believe they let him take it after the night he had. I could understand him taking it if Barca had a 3-0 lead, but this was only 3-2. Phew.

Also won a couple of quid laying Leicester at half time when they were 2-0 up against the mighty Coventry City. 1/20 they were on Betfair, that was miles too short for me. Lost on Chelsea to win 2-1 and Man Utd to win 3-1 or 3-2.

Also lost a couple of pounds (in-running) on over 2.5 goals in the Rangers V St Mirren match, honestly, why do I bet on Scottish football, this was a joke of a match. 11 men against 9, and the 11 could hardly manage a shot at goal. No wonder Robbie Keane is already saying he is coming back to Spurs.

Thought the quote of the weekend was Lawrence Dallaglio saying the words “quick ball” and “England” in the same sentence when describing Ben Foden’s try in Paris on Saturday night. Thats like saying “Portsmouth” and “3 points” or “Ronaldo” and “stayed on his feet under a challenge in the penalty area” in the same sentence.

At least we can blame the rain for using the kicking game this time, although I did think it was far from the worst performance I’ve seen from England lately. Bit late though!

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