Newcastle Madness

Unreal, yet again Kevin Keegan is back as the favourite to be next Newcastle manager with the bookies. No more than a few hours after club owner Mike Ashley confirmed his wish to sell the club Keegans odds have now been trimed to 2/1 with the bookies, he is currently trading at just over 2/1 on betfair. When will the madness that is Newcastle United end? If keegan where to return surely it would signal the end of Dennis Wise and mean the club having to stump up the cash to pay up his contract, there seems to be no end to the wastefulness of premier league clubs these days, money just seems to be easy come easy go. If Keegan does come back the clubs potential new owners might not rate him and might want to bring in a top class manager with a proven track record, this will then mean having to pay out another contract.

The fans have made their point and it appears they have been listened too this time, it seems to me though that Ashley badly underestimated the fans power and the status of Keegan. He brought him back to seek popularity with the supporters and then effectively forced him back out the door, there seems to be no logic behind any of the decisions taken at Newcastle at the moment.

I for one won’t be backing anyone in this market as with the recent track record of Newcastle you wouldn’t put it past them to make Gordon Brown the next manager and i just don’t believe that the market offers any real value.

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