Casino New Customer Offers

Please be aware that all the offers listed on this page are for New Customers Only, you are advised to Gamble Responsibly at all times, and all offers are for 18+ only.

Welcome to our Casino New Customers page. Below we have a selection of Casinos designed to suit all sort of player’s needs, we have high roller offers, free spins, games, and just general Casino offers.

Starting off with the offers for players who like to put their money where their mouth is, it the High Roller Casino offers.

Mansion Casino High Roller Bonus
£5000 Welcome Bonus Here

The High Roller offers are for the big players with the big wallets. Only play these if you’re prepared to win big, or lose big.

Casino New Customer Offers

General Casino Terms And Conditions

Whenever you open a new Casino account, it is very important that you check the Terms and Conditions (T+Cs) of that individual Casino account.

All Casinos are different, but one thing is consistent, is rollover requirements. Roll over requirements will differ from Casino to Casino, but all will have them.

A brief description of what a Rollover requirement is as follows…… You open a new account that offers a 100% sign up deposit bonus, up to a maximum of £50.00, with a three times (x3) rollover requirement before withdrawal.

This means that you deposit £50.00, and get a £50.00 sign up deposit bonus, so you have £100.00 to use. You would then have to rollover the £100.00 three times before withdrawal, meaning you would have to play through £300.00 at the Casino. Once you have played through £300.00 at the Casino, you can withdraw your money.

Rollover requirements are a basic and necessary requirement of the Casinos and they are designed to stop people opening an account, depositing fifty quid, getting given another 50 quid just for opening the account, and then withdrawing all £100.00 and walking away with it all, without doing a thing.

No Casino is going to allow that to happen………………. and now, some excellent bookmaker’s offers………..

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