Michael Gove 4/1 to be next Prime Minister

In the wake of this week’s political turmoil, Michael Gove has emerged as the betting favourite to be the next Prime Minister.

Mrs May announced on Wednesday she would stand down if she manages to get her controversial Brexit withdrawal agreement through Parliament, Michael Gove emerged as the early front runner to succeed her as PM with the bookmakers.

Gove started the betting as 4/1 favourite, with previous friend, then foe, Boris Johnson, second at 5/1. Other popular names at the moment are Dominic Raab and Sajid Javid, both at 12/1. David Liddington at 20/1, Andrea Leadsom is 25/1, and Amber Rudd is 33/1.

Liddington is in an interesting runner here. He has been an unknown face (and name) to casual political observer. But those in the know have talked him up. He is also said to be well like within the Tory party.

Michael Gove Next Prime Minister Betting
This man could soon be leading our country!!

When May Goes Isn’t Certain

This market is fraught with danger though, so beware. For a start, Mrs May said she would only stand down if the agreement gets through Parliament, and in all likelihood, that won’t happen.

Yes, she will most probably still be forced out of Downing Street, but there is still a fair degree of uncertainty as too when this could happen. It could be in a couple of weeks, or a few months. And one thing we have learnt about Theresa May, is she won’t go without a good fight.

Best Political Betting Sites

In this current climate, things are changing by the hour. By the time this betting market comes to fruition, the chances of Michael Gove becoming Prime Minister may be history.

For me, the uncertainty makes this an outsiders market. We see names such as Johnny Mercer and Matt Hancock getting talked up. Mercer is currently at a massive 66/1, with Hancock shorter at 20/1. With long odds like this to choose from, I will be looking further down the field for value.

There’s not much difference in the Next Conservative Leader market, and the Next Prime Minister Betting market. The odds are pretty much the same. The only real difference is that Jeremy Corbyn is in the market for Next PM betting.

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