Theresa May to remain as PM betting

Prime Minister, Theresa May is as short as 2/9 in the betting to still be in 10 Downing Street this Friday morning, but as recent history has shown us with the decision to leave the EU, and the election of Donald Trump in America, it would take a very brave person to back Mrs May at those odds!

There is a good enhanced offer on the table at the moment though, and it’s from Betfair as anybody opening a new Betfair account through this link can get enhanced odds of 4/1 on Theresa May to still be PM after the General Election.

General Election Betting Offers

General Election Betting has become very popular, but due to it’s rarity, some markets can be a bit of an unknown quantity. A bet on Theresa May to still be Prime Minister after the general election is one of the more easier bets to understand though, because it is as it says on the tin.

By whatever method, if Theresa May is the Prime Minister after the 2017 UK General Election, your bet is a winner. So that could mean she could win a majority, or forms a minority government, or even forms a coalition and leads that government – as long as she is the Prime Minister after the general election, your bet is a winner.

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