Profits with Bet365, £50 Free Bet

Apologies for not posting sooner, been a busy few days for me, but that’s no real excuse for the length of time since my last post.

Last Sunday week, 10th June, Bet365 did another one of their £50.00 free bet offers for existing members, this time on the Spain V Italy game.

This time I made sure I cashed in and made a nice profit (unlike the last time). I matched my pre match qualifying bet up by backing Spain on Bet365 for £50.00 at 4/5, while I layed Spain on Betfair for a small loss of £2.14.

Then in running I used the £50.00 free bet to back Over 2.5 goals at 2/1, standing to win me £100.00. I then layed Over 2.5 on Betfair for £23.75, leaving me a red of £58.75.

This left me standing to gain more money (£31.25) in the unlikely event of the game finishing Over 2.5 goals. I was happy with that, as the price to lay Over 2.5 goals was too high and I was losing value, that’s why I settled for only taking £23.75 in the event of Under 2.5 goals coming in.

Anyway, there was a quick fire two goals midway through the 2nd half and this allowed me lay Over 2.5 goals more cheaply for another £9.73, at a cost of £8.00.

This left me in the position of winning £100.00 from Bet365 if there was Over 2.5 goals, while I would have lost £68.48 on Betfair, a profit of £31.52.

Conversely, it left me in the position of having £33.48 green on Betfair, should it finish Under 2,5 goals – as it eventually did.

Remember I would get my £50.00 back from Bet365 no matter what, as it was a risk free bet.

In the end I won the £33.48 on Betfair and got my £50.00 back from Bet 365. Taking away the £2.14 I lost matching up my £50.00 qualifying bet, this left me with a nice profit of £31.34, taking the risk free money pot up to £581.52.

Remember, Bet365 run these offers quite regularly, it is well worth getting an account just for these offers alone.

If anybody has any questions regarding the techniques I use to profit from these offers, or if I’ve not explained it very clearly (more than likely the case) in this blog post, then feel free to leave a comment and I’ll try and explain things in more detail. Please feel free to ask any questions.

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