Liverpool V Tottenham free bet offer from Bet365

Monday night sees Liverpool hosting Tottenham in the Premier League. Over the weekend I received an email from the excellent Bonus Bagging service alerting me to the fact that bet365 are offering another free in play bet up to a maximum of £50 on this match.

To qualify all I need to do is have a £50 bet pre kick off with Bet365, which I’ll lay on Betfair to break even (it will probably result in a small loss of around £1 to £2).

Then I will do the in running free bet, probably at half time so the price can’t change too much due to a goal or sending off, etc. After I have done the in-running free bet, I’ll partially lay it on Betfair to ensure a profit.

The way I will do it will see a guaranteed profit, working on a theory that the free bet is an even money shot, I’ll guarantee a profit of around £25, as I would only partially lay the bet on Betfair.

I would stand to win £50 from Bet365 if the bet wins, but my lay on Betfair would only be for £25 of the even money shot, ensuring a profit of £25 no matter what happens.

Bet365 have done a couple of these offers recently. I don’t use them myself these days, but it is always worth having an account for these sort of offers, and the Bonus Bagging service certainly comes in handy for alerting me to the offers.

There are free bets available with all the bookmakers listed in the column on the right hand side of this website. These can be used to bet free with by customers opening new accounts.

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